BNC Bike Lending Library


a few more bikes for the many people that will be coming to New York City
for the Republican National Convention. We are hoping that by providing
bikes for those who come to the city without them, we can encourage
more people to think about sustainable energy and non-pollution energy
sources. It also allows more people to participate in the Bike National
Convention events.

TIME'S UP! has a large collection of bikes and parts already. Some bikes are
in good shape, and some are not in such good shape. In the coming months
TIME'S UP! will be looking for people who want to help with this project
in any way. Please check out the volunteer
page for more information about volunteering for TIME'S UP! The most crucial
thing needed for the bike lending library is space. This is the most valuable
commodity in New York City, so if anyone is willing to donate space, or knows
of a large space that is cheaply available, please
contact us. The space will be
needed for at least the latter half of the month of August, hopefully with
time extending into September.