Time's Up! 1000 Dutch-style Bike Program

Times Up! introduces low cost Dutch-style bikes to its Brooklyn space.

We have purchased 450 used bikes that we are recycling and getting on the streets fast, for the cheapest prices possible.

This program has been remarkably successful as we are starting to see more and more Dutch bikes all over NYC.  While Time's Up! recycle-a-bike program offers all different styles of bikes, we also focus on providing a very practical Dutch-style non-gender specific recycled bicycle. This single speed bicycle can be ridden in the rain and includes full fenders, full chain guard, kickstand and in most cases rear rack baskets. The upright safe design of a Dutch bike provides more visibility than typical bicycles.  The introduction of a low-cost ($160 - $200) Dutch-style bike is a way to change the mindset of New Yorkers. 

Many times in America, biking is viewed as more of a sport than a mode of transportation.  Through the use of more practical and leisurely designed Dutch-style bikes, the American concept of biking can be transformed. From solely sport biking to a practical method of commuting and enjoying the city's bike paths and greenways. Consequently, bike ridership can spread to various groups of people and increase non-polluting forms of transportation.

We have a limited amount of costume decorated bikes starting at $200

We also have a long-term rental policy in place - buy a bike at full price, if you return it, you get $50 back.

While NYC Bike Share Program stutters to a start, we are getting people on their own perfect commuter bikes at an affordable price!

Dutch-style Bike Specs

  • 26 or 27 inch wheels
  • Step through frames
  • Full fenders, front and rear
  • Kickstands
  • Front and rear brakes..rear brake features a roller brake
  • Single speed or three speed or six speed gearing
  • Chain cases (or guards)
  • Rear rack
  • Optional front and rear baskets
  • Certain bikes equipped with either tire-powered generator lights or occasional dyno hubs
  • Some of the bikes have frame mounted Dutch-style spoke insert lock

Volunteer Bicycle Recycle Days

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays

99 S 6th St, Brooklyn

We'll be recycling bikes in the back yard of the Brooklyn Space four days a week every week from now on!

Wednesdays and Sundays from 4pm-8pm and Thursdays and Fridays from 12noon-6pm,join us for bicycle recycling in the back yard of our Brooklyn Location.  This is a great opportunity to learn basic bike repair from our mechanics on a one-on-one level,and also to help Time's Up! with this hugely important project to get more New Yorkers on bikes – the best way we know to create a greener, more livable city.  We need people to help recycle bikes, sell  bikes, input bike sales into our database, keep the shop in order, and more! 

Follow us on twitter to get the latest schedule changes – we'll probably be working even more hours and days than these – @nyctimesup!



CLICK HERE for additional photos of Time's Up! Dutch-style bikes program


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