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In 2005-2006, "ghost bikes" -- bicycles painted white with plaques placed above them to recognize deceased cyclists -- have been installed in New York City by members of Time's Up! and Visual Resistance. The NYC Street Memorial Project now installs ghost bikes in NYC and maintains the website which includes ghost bike projects throughout the world. The memorials are intended to honor cyclists killed on New York's streets and to remind drivers to use caution and be aware of bicycles.

The availability of bike parking can have a profound effect.

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Taking our right place on the streets and in parks. Establishing and defending community gardens. Fighting to protect our air and water.

This way is green. The word "greenway" first entered the dictionary in 1966 to describe "a corridor of undeveloped land in or near a city designed for recreational use."* They are one of the few places in cities where cyclists, skaters and pedestrians can commute or recreate free from the pollution, danger, and harassment of m

TIME'S UP! has organized over fifty direct-action traffic-calming rides through our parks, efforts that have heightened awareness of the unnecessary and undesirable presence of cars in our parks and contributed to recent increase in car-free hours in Central Park. But we need to keep up the pressure on City authorities to permanently ban cars from the loop roads in Prospect and Central Parks through direct actions.


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