This is an update to our original open source plans.

This Year, Time's Up volunteers spent countless hours doing research and development to make our energy bikes as efficient, user-friendly, and reliable as possible. We updated both our stands and electrical assemblies. Here, we provide you with our reasoning, our parts lists, and an instructional video.

Time's Up! Analysis of Cuomo's Energy Plan and alternative, sustainable plan for the future. Based on Cuomo's various public statements, as well as private meetings that have ben relayed to Time's Up, his energy plan for New York State is clear:

Bike National Convention


 TIME'S UP! is hosting a calendar of events throughout a busy week of rides

that will lead up to the Republican National Convention. The Bike National

Convention (BNC) will provide New Yorkers and bike enthusiasts pedaling

in from around the country a chance to participate in rides that showcase

New York City's unique environment, and the communities of cyclists who

Times Up! introduces low cost Dutch-style bikes to its Brooklyn space.

We have purchased 450 used bikes that we are recycling and getting on the streets fast, for the cheapest prices possible.

Time's Up! had a massive year in 2011. Just check out our End of Year Letter! We took more amazing photos and made more incredible videos. We continued our weekly fix-your-bike workshops, recycle-a-bike program, and regular rides and campaigns.

This is the story of Time's Up!'s involvement with Occupy Wall Street. We have also posted the story of our Energy Bikes and an Energy Bike how-to page.

Time's Up has been championing the issues at the heart of Occupy Wall Street for 25 years, so it's no wonder that our volunteers were there at the start of the movement. And we will keep up the struggle for years to come.

This is the story of how Time's Up! brought energy bikes to Occupy Wall Street. We have also posted the technical details of our energy bikes and an overview of all of our work at OWS.

Time's Up! was involved with the Occupy Wall Street Sustainability working group. The first task was to make the Occupy Movement in Zuccotti Park more environmentally sustainable. Time's Up! Volunteers spearheaded a wide range of projects, including the iconic renewable alternative energy project, building 14 energy bikes to fulfill all of Occupy Wall Street's energy needs sustainably.

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