Time's Up! Annual Ides (Pies) of March 2011

An evening of riding and dumpster diving. Bring a flashlight and bags or a trailer to carry food and assorted other booty from Soho's most generous dumpsters.

On this ride, we will be doing two of our favorite things: riding our bicycles and getting free food. Bring a trailer (if you have one), small flashlight, plastic bags. Good for the hungry and the curious.

The original Bridges by Night ride is a twilight tour of East River bridges, through three boroughs and over the Queensboro, Pulaski, Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn bridges. This unique ride highlights stunning vistas, takes in the glorious sunset with a Manhattan backdrop, celebrates bridge access for bicycles and pedestrians, and provides a brief history of the bridges and waterways. Bring lights and a snack or $$ to buy. Approx. 15 miles, some stairs. Ice cream stop included.


It's gonna be like summertime so let's go to the beach!


Bureau of Organized Bikelane Safety (B*O*O*B*S)

Action Report March 19th, 2010

CLICK HERE for photos of 3/19/2010 ride

CLICK HERE for video of 3/19/2010 ride

Press: NY Times City Room & The Gothamist


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